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Wisconsin Methamphetamine

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Since the early 2000’s Wisconsin has been experiencing a problem with the drug methamphetamine. In recent years, Wisconsin has seen a massive surge in use statewide. How is this affecting Wisconsinites? We have the answers.

The Brain

This drug causes severe change and damage to the human brain. It causes a flood of dopamine to be rushed to your brain, depleting the natural supply. Therefore, routine activities that someone would find pleasurable are no longer. This can lead to depression and addiction. Additional effects of using include anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, paranoia, and other serious psychological issues.

The Body

Meth causes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and risk of stroke. It also can cause extreme weight loss, dental problems, and skin sores.


Since meth has such a significant effect on the brain, it severely inhibits a person’s level of impulse control. This change results in addiction, crime, violent behavior, aggression, and general loss of contact with reality.


The user is not the only one who is affected by methamphetamine. Using it also has a tremendous impact on family and friends. In addition, studies show that children who grow up in meth labs show signs of emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems. Meth labs also pose a severe threat of fires, explosions, and toxic vapors to anyone exposed.

Wisconsin’s methamphetamine problem does not seem to be slowing down. People statewide experience fatal overdoses regularly. One of the best ways to keep yourself and others safe is to stay educated. If you encounter someone who uses meth, you can contact the Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline or a Regional Treatment Center.

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