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What Are Wisconsin’s OWI Penalties?

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Wisconsin’s law for operating while intoxicated sets the legal blood alcohol level at 0.08%. The law also prohibits people from operating a vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicating or controlled substance. If you are convicted of operating while intoxicated, you have a lot to lose. A Wisconsin OWI attorney from the Maciolek Law Group provides clients with the best defense to avoid severe penalties.

The OWI Penalties in Wisconsin

First offenders face fines of up to $300 plus court fees. You may also lose your license for between six and nine months, though you could be eligible for an occupational driver’s license. If you are found guilty, you won’t face jail time. However, if you had a minor in the car with you, jail time is mandatory.

After the first offense, an OWI charge becomes a criminal charge, making it even more imperative you seek assistance from a Wisconsin OWI lawyer. The penalties for each successive offense become increasingly severe and include:

  • Second offense: Up to $1,100 in fines; five days to six months jail time; and license revocation for up to 18 months.
  • Third offense: Up to $2,000 in fines or higher, depending on BAC levels; jail time of 45 days to a year; and loss of license for two to three years, without the option for an occupational license for 45 days.
  • Fourth and fifth offenses: These are felony offenses. A minimum of $600 and up to tens of thousands of dollars in fines, depending on BAC levels; jailtime of at least 60 days, with the potential for prison time of up to six years; and loss of your license for two to three years. Your license could be revoked for life if this offense occurs within 15 years of the last one

Criminal OWI offense convictions each come with a mandatory ignition interlock device. The price of such devices can be costly. 

Get Help From a Wisconsin OWI Attorney

Wisconsin’s OWI potential penalties don’t have to be your reality. If you’re facing charges for driving under the influence, get help from a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney at Maciolek Law Group. Let us fight to keep your license, freedom and future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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