Greg A. Gerbers

Of Counsel

Attorney Greg A. Gerbers has been a Criminal Defense Lawyer for 16 years.  His experience is a culmination of his unique approach to oppressive government prosecution and his ability to connect with clients on a very personal level.  Attorney Gerbers takes an aggressive stance against any prosecutor he comes across. 

Attorney Gerbers graduated from Marquette Law School in Milwaukee, WI in 2005.  After graduating, he opened his own law firm focusing on high-quality representation of people accused of committing crimes.  While Attorney Gerbers’ focus in law school was the practice of business law he found that his winner-take-all style of negotiation to be extremely effective in the criminal law courtroom.  His ambition and constant hard work allowed him to grow a successful law practice in Green Bay.

Attorney Gerbers’ is truly one of the area’s heavy-hitting and power-wielding lawyers.  His track record of jury trial wins, successful suppression of evidence, and getting positive results for his clients spans his entire career. 

Attorney Eric S. Maciolek and Greg A. Gerbers started working together professionally in 2010.  The very first client they jointly represented ended in a dismissal after a jury trial in Brown County Circuit Court.