Is There a Difference Between Homicide and Manslaughter?

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You have probably heard people use the words “manslaughter” and “homicide” interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. These terms are very different, and people must understand the difference.


Death is considered homicide when one human kills another human being. The only requirement for an act to be deemed as homicide is that someone decided to commit an act. Homicide is not always intentional. It can be due to an accident, recklessness, or even negligence. On the other hand, homicide can be when someone intentionally kills another human being. In Wisconsin, intentional homicides fall under the offenses of first degree intentional homicide, second degree intentional homicide, and felony murder.


Manslaughter occurs when one person kills another, but the act is not intentional. In Wisconsin, such offenses result in charges such as first degree reckless homicide, second degree reckless homicide, and vehicular homicide.

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