Does an Allegation Mean You Are Guilty?

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A criminal allegation does not mean you are guilty of a crime! It is not something that confirms or denies a crime. It is up to the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.

What is an allegation?

An allegation is simply something that a witness claims happened, or as Rasmussen University’s Criminal Justice blog states, “Something a person or party says occurred”.

An allegation is not necessarily verified or confirmed, and does not, bit itself, prove guilt.

Allegations, like crimes, have patterns or traits

Allegations can range from serious offenses like crimes to more minor things like someone not following the rules. The key thing to remember is that an allegation remains yet to be proven. An allegation is a claim, not a fact. There’s no guarantee it’s true until evidence or investigation confirms it.

Additionally, an allegation can be made formally or informally. While some allegations are made in a legal setting like a lawsuit, other allegations are recorded as part of a casual statement someone makes or an off-hand comment that a witness later reports.

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