What Is the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault in Wisconsin?

The statute of limitations establishes a deadline for when the prosecution of a crime must begin. For example, under Wisconsin law, prosecution of a felony must start within six years of the crime. However, certain crimes have different statutes of limitations. Sexual assault, for example, has a range of statutes of limitation depending on the […]

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What Is the Difference Between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin?

Are you facing sexual assault accusations or charges in Wisconsin? If so, you should know that these charges vary significantly depending on the severity of the alleged offense. The more serious the charge, the harsher the possible penalties. However, remember that an accusation will not necessarily lead to a conviction, and you have the right […]

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What is Considered Sexual Assault in Wisconsin?

Sexual assault refers to sexual, physical contact and behavior performed without consent, including fondling, forcing a person to perform sexual acts, and attempted rape. It’s imperative to understand sexual assault laws in Wisconsin, particularly if you’ve been accused of sexual assault. Accusations are severe and can change your life and future. Wisconsin Sexual Assault Laws […]

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The Degrees and Penalties of Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Facing any legal matter can bring an immense amount of stress for all parties involved. However, those facing criminal charges are often under the most duress. If you have been arrested for sexual assault, you may be dealing with concerns over your freedom, future employment or living arrangements, and financial status. Determining the outcome of […]

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Answering the Toughest Consent Questions

Some alcohol-related consent questions that people are too afraid to ask, and that is okay. Although, it is essential that you still know the answers to these critical questions. Click here to gain insight into five of the most challenging alcohol-related consent questions.

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Think It Can’t Happen to You? Think Again.

The potential penalties can be astronomical. Not only can the allegations themselves ruin your reputation, tear your family apart, and take away your freedom, sexual assault allegations are often based on thin evidence, or no physical evidence at all. Sometimes the only evidence in the whole case is the alleged victim’s story. We are often […]

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