Can a Juvenile Crime Be Expunged?

A juvenile crime does not have to affect your entire life. You may have the opportunity for your records to be sealed when you reach legal age.

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Juvenile Arrest in Wisconsin Has Decreased Sharply in Recent Years

Juvenile arrests in Wisconsin have faced a sharp decrease in recent years. Not only are arrests decreasing in rural counties, but in urban counties also. These arrests are majorly for non-violent crimes. Follow the link to discover the statistics for your county.

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Wisconsin Juvenile Law and the Number 18

“At what age does a person become an adult?” If you ask this question to the person you are nearest to at the moment, chances are they will confidently answer with “18”. After all, 18 years old is when you can buy cigarettes, apply for credit cards, play the lottery, and legally engage in various […]

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When Can A Child Be Charged As An Adult?

“Boys will be boys” has fallen out of fashion and for good reason, but kids will always act like kids. The law expects our youth to behave like responsible adults and act like productive members of society even when we know that most children lack the maturity to do so. The juvenile justice system is nothing more than a […]

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Wisconsin Juvenile Crime News

In juvenile crime news, Wisconsin schools called police on students at twice the national rate. This includes two students being arrested for making terror threats. Wisconsin also had the highest rate in the nation for calls involving Native American students. Source:

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