Federal Laws Threatens Your Rights

If you visit this blog regularly you know how we feel about the importance of seeking experience defense representation when charged with a federal crime. The stronger opponents and harsher penalties at the federal level make spending a significant chunk of your life in federal prison a real possibility. However, we think it is important to take… Continue reading Federal Laws Threatens Your Rights

What Federal Laws Have You Broken?

There’s a good chance you’ve broken the law without even realizing it. Yale Law professor Stephen Carter estimated in 2014 that 70 percent of Americans “have committed a crime that could lead to imprisonment.”

Supreme Court Justices Question State of Federal Sentencing Commission

One thing remains certain amid this uncertainty: federal crimes result in harsher sentences. It is crucial to have a defense attorney with experience in federal court if you are accused of federal crimes. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/10/politics/sotomayor-barrett-federal-sentencing-commission/index.html