Bipartisan Proposal To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Possession of a personal-use amount of marijuana would be subjected to a fine of $100 for possessing 14 grams of marijuana or less. Any amount greater than 14 grams could still be subjected to the current law.

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A Holiday Reminder About Domestic Violence

People associated many things with the holiday season. While there are many positive things about this time of year, one of the negatives is that the holidays are linked to a spike in domestic violence incidents. Whether the increased domestic incidents between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are a result of increased stress and alcohol consumption or […]

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Don’t Let a Festive Holiday Party Turn Into an OWI Arrest

The holiday season is upon us. For many, that means holiday parties and social gatherings that involve alcohol. Remember, if you are feeling buzzed, there is a chance you are over the .08 limit and should not drive. Rather than risk arrest or worse, get a ride home from a sober friend or, better yet, […]

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Video Is Not Protection Enough For The Accused

The presence of police body cameras does not eliminate the need to have an attorney providing a strong defense. Source:

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Startling Sex Crimes Statistics

In 2020, a total of 4,421 people were convicted of sex crimes in the state of Wisconsin. The Justice Department reports a conviction rate of 76.15% for the year for all types of sexual offenses. Source:

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The Six Criminal Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse

A look at the actual laws in play in the Rittenhouse case. Source:

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When Can A Child Be Charged As An Adult?

“Boys will be boys” has fallen out of fashion and for good reason, but kids will always act like kids. The law expects our youth to behave like responsible adults and act like productive members of society even when we know that most children lack the maturity to do so. The juvenile justice system is nothing more than a […]

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Yes, Marijuana Is Still Illegal In Wisconsin

Wisconsin may eventually legalize marijuana. Until then, it is important to remember that getting caught with it can lead to harsh criminal penalties that may be even harsher in the near future. Source:

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Differences Between OWI, DUI and DWI

OWI? DUI? There is no difference in the right course of action if you have been charged with either of them. The first step is getting in touch with an attorney to protect your rights. Source:

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WDHS Pushes to Decriminalize Fentanyl Strips

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is among a large group of advocates pushing to decriminalize fentanyl test strips, which test to see if fentanyl is in any batch of drugs. Source:

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