Differences Between OWI, DUI and DWI

OWI? DUI? There is no difference in the right course of action if you have been charged with either of them. The first step is getting in touch with an attorney to protect your rights. Source: https://www.wausaudailyherald.com/story/news/local/2016/06/30/ask-officer-owi-dui-and-dwi-differences/86557022/

WDHS Pushes to Decriminalize Fentanyl Strips

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is among a large group of advocates pushing to decriminalize fentanyl test strips, which test to see if fentanyl is in any batch of drugs. Source: https://www.wisn.com/article/what-it-all-comes-down-to-is-saving-lives-the-push-to-decriminalize-fentanyl-test-strips/37978051

Will Increase In Homicides Lead To An Increase In Severe Criminal Penalties?

“Acknowledging this increase in homicides doesn’t mean giving in to the clamor for punitive responses…this data is undeniably concerning, and it should serve as a rallying cry for those who believe violence can be better addressed with methods that don’t rely exclusively on police, prosecutors, and prisons.” Source:

Wisconsin Juvenile Crime News

In juvenile crime news, Wisconsin schools called police on students at twice the national rate. This includes two students being arrested for making terror threats. Wisconsin also had the highest rate in the nation for calls involving Native American students. Source:

What Are Wisconsin’s OWI Penalties?

Wisconsin’s law for operating while intoxicated sets the legal blood alcohol level at 0.08%. The law also prohibits people from operating a vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicating or controlled substance. If you are convicted of operating while intoxicated, you have a lot to lose. A Wisconsin OWI attorney from the Maciolek Law Group provides clients with… Continue reading What Are Wisconsin’s OWI Penalties?