OWI: What Does the State Need to Prove?

In 2019, Wisconsin courts found 20,956 drivers guilty of OWI; out of the 22,683 cases filed, there was a 92% conviction rate. With these rates being so high, you do not stand a chance of fighting your OWI alone. Contact us at 920.289.4262 to help you achieve the best result possible.

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The Abolition of Wisconsin’s Death Penalty

Wisconsin abolished the death penalty on July 10, 1853. There was one certain case that pushed state government to repeal the death penalty. This was the John McCaffary case. Continue reading to find out how this gruesome case sparked a change that would spread across America. The Case In the middle of summer, June of […]

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The Case That Led to the Abolishment of Wisconsin’s Death Penalty

Have you heard about the John McCaffary case? John was sentenced to the death penalty in 1850 for the murder of his wife on family property. About 3,000 people came to see his horrific execution where he struggled for five minutes before doctors were called upon to check his pulse. Two short years after this […]

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What Is a Criminal Background Check?

Did you know that about 96% of businesses run a background check before hiring a candidate? Do you know what these checks look for? Follow the link below to learn all about them.

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Body Worn Camera Debate

Do you think body worn cameras should be required, or not? Visit the website below to read about the pros and cons of BWC footage as evidence in criminal cases.

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Federal Drug Consequences

Federal drug laws are nothing to joke about. Drugs can change lives, they can put people in prison for life. Follow the link below to see the federal penalty for each type of drug. If you or a loved one is facing a drug charge, contact us today at 920.347.8770 so we can help you […]

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Choosing The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can make or break your case outcome, do not rush this important decision. Make sure you do your research and follow the tips in the link below to make sure you hire the right attorney for your situation.

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“What Should I Do When the Cops Pull Me Over?”

The actions you take before, during, and after a traffic stop can have a major impact on your OWI defense. Please read these tips and keep them in mind the next time you see the flashing lights in your rearview. Find a Safe Place to Pull Over We know getting pulled over is stressful even […]

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What is the Mandatory Arrest Law?

Wisconsin has a mandatory arrest law for domestic violence cases. In the event of a police officer being called to the scene, they are required to use their best judgment to find out who the predominant aggressor is, and arrest them. The Maciolek Law Group has extensive experience defending a variety types of domestic abuse […]

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Juvenile Arrest in Wisconsin Has Decreased Sharply in Recent Years

Juvenile arrests in Wisconsin have faced a sharp decrease in recent years. Not only are arrests decreasing in rural counties, but in urban counties also. These arrests are majorly for non-violent crimes. Follow the link to discover the statistics for your county. https://kidsforward.org/research/juvenile-arrests-wisconsin/

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