Federal Laws Threatens Your Rights

If you visit this blog regularly you know how we feel about the importance of seeking experience defense representation when charged with a federal crime. The stronger opponents and harsher penalties at the federal level make spending a significant chunk of your life in federal prison a real possibility. However, we think it is important to take… Continue reading Federal Laws Threatens Your Rights

3 Reasons to Fight OWI Charges

Defending against OWI charges is not a fool’s errand. There are three crucial reasons to fight back when charged with OWI in Wisconsin.

10 Year Federal Prison Sentence for Drug Trafficking

This press release tells us two things. One, federal prosecutors and the Drug Enforcement Agency would love to make an example out of you. Two, federal drug crimes come with harsh penalties. It is essential to have an experienced defense lawyer fighting for your rights if you are accused of a drug-related crime.

The Rise and Fall of Prison Education

The 1994 crime bill decimated educational opportunities for inmates. Is the tide finally turning in the other direction? https://capitalbnews.org/pell-grants-prison-education/

What Federal Laws Have You Broken?

There’s a good chance you’ve broken the law without even realizing it. Yale Law professor Stephen Carter estimated in 2014 that 70 percent of Americans “have committed a crime that could lead to imprisonment.”

Lawmakers Seek Alternative to Jail for People With Mental Illness

If passed and signed into law, the bill would set aside funds for treatment alternatives and diversion programs for non-violent and low-level criminal offenses. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/bipartisan-bill-seeks-to-foster-jail-alternatives-for-people-with-mental-illness/article_310b78c5-f9c8-5ee3-975f-14369d49441d.html

Supreme Court Justices Question State of Federal Sentencing Commission

One thing remains certain amid this uncertainty: federal crimes result in harsher sentences. It is crucial to have a defense attorney with experience in federal court if you are accused of federal crimes. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/10/politics/sotomayor-barrett-federal-sentencing-commission/index.html