The Wildest Excuses from People in Possession of Drugs

There is never a good reason for possessing illegal drugs, so you are better off saving your talking for your criminal defense attorney. Click here to read some of the notable excuses used over the years by people who failed to heed this advice.

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Wisconsin Methamphetamine

Since the early 2000’s Wisconsin has been experiencing a problem with the drug methamphetamine. In recent years, Wisconsin has seen a massive surge in use statewide. How is this affecting Wisconsinites? We have the answers. The Brain This drug causes severe change and damage to the human brain. It causes a flood of dopamine to be […]

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The Scales of Justice

Surely you have heard of the scales of justice, but do you know what they represent? These scales represent the balance between truth and fairness sought after in the justice system. They have quite an interesting history, learn about it here.

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Wisconsin Fentanyl Deaths Are on the Rise

Wisconsin recently released a public health advisory regarding fentanyl deaths in the state. Yet, overdose deaths continue to rise, with seemingly no end. Why is this happening? What can be done to help this epidemic? Why? Over the last year, synthetic opioids (primarily fentanyl) were identified in 91% of opioid overdose deaths and 73% of all drug overdose deaths. […]

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Answering the Toughest Consent Questions

Some alcohol-related consent questions that people are too afraid to ask, and that is okay. Although, it is essential that you still know the answers to these critical questions. Click here to gain insight into five of the most challenging alcohol-related consent questions.

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Fake ID Penalties Are Very Real

Many young adolescents use fake IDs daily in Wisconsin. But unfortunately, many do not know the consequences of this risky choice. Click the link here to learn about them so you can make sure your friends and family make the right decisions.

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Stay Safe This Football Season

Many are pulled over each week on gameday for suspicion of driving under the influence. Don’t let this be you. Follow the tips linked below to learn how to stay safe this football season.

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Joyriding vs. Auto Theft

Despite common belief, joyriding and auto theft are entirely different crimes. Please continue reading to find out what makes them different from one another and how Wisconsin views these crimes in court. Hint: the difference is based on intent. Joyriding Joyriding is taking a car and driving it without the intent of keeping the vehicle. […]

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Criminal Defense Attorney | Now Hiring

Maciolek Law Group is a growing criminal defense law firm in Green Bay, WI that seeks a criminal defense attorney with preferably 2+ years of criminal defense experience or prior criminal prosecution experience. We represent people accused of crimes charged in state and federal court. A strong emphasis will be placed on training, mentoring, employee […]

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Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Did you know that there is a tool that helps to combat the ongoing prescription drug abuse epidemic in Wisconsin? It is called the Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program or ePDMP. It provides valuable information about monitored prescription drugs dispensed in the state, aiding healthcare professionals in their prescribing and dispensing decisions. Want to learn […]

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