Two Drunk Driving Arrests in One Day?

This young woman’s story is a perfect example of how NOT to handle an OWI arrest. Make your first call to an attorney, not to your stepfather to concoct a way to caravan home.

Pardons Issued For Non-Violent Marijuana Crimes

Governor Evers granted 30 pardons, mostly to individuals who had been convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses.

5 Men Charged With Federal Drug Trafficking

Federal drug charges come with mandatory minimum sentences. Having an experienced attorney on your side is your only hope when federal prosecutors come after you. Source:

Bipartisan Proposal To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Possession of a personal-use amount of marijuana would be subjected to a fine of $100 for possessing 14 grams of marijuana or less. Any amount greater than 14 grams could still be subjected to the current law.

Video Is Not Protection Enough For The Accused

The presence of police body cameras does not eliminate the need to have an attorney providing a strong defense. Source:

Startling Sex Crimes Statistics

In 2020, a total of 4,421 people were convicted of sex crimes in the state of Wisconsin. The Justice Department reports a conviction rate of 76.15% for the year for all types of sexual offenses. Source: